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Bitch Goddess
17 September
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Frank Snow

13, aim, alcohol, animals, bi, bisexual, bondage, boobs, bracelets, british accents, burning, candles, care bears, clothes, computers, concerts, creating confusion, dancing, digital cameras, dolls, drawing, dreads, dreams, drinking, ducks, dyed hair, edge, elven, elves, emo kids, equality, evil, fabric paint, faeries, fairys, fire, fishnets, flowers, flying, freaks, friends, fun times, fuzzy pants, garbage, gay, gay pride, gay rights, gc, girls, glitter, glow-in-the-dark stuff, good charlotte, goth, goths, grunge, guitar, hair dye, handcuffs, hands, hate crimes, hating cheerleaders, hilary duff, homosexuals, hugs, i kiss girls, icons, individualism, insanity, jack off jill, jay gordon, jimmie's chicken shack, kisses, kurt cobain, latex, lip gloss, lips, living, lj whore, lord of the rings, love, magic, miza, money, movies, music, music that doesn't suck, my birthday, nail polish, necklaces, nfg, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, orgy, padded walls, phones, photography, piercings, pink and black, pissing people off, polite people, potions, pride, problems, profanity, punk, punk rock, punk'd, puppets, rage, ramen noodles, rave toys, rock, setting fires, sex, sexuality, shouting, silver, skittlez, sleeping, sleeping a lot, smoking, smurf, snow angels, spells, squirrels, stalkers, stalking, stars, straight jackets, strawberries, stuff, support, talking to myself, tattoos, tears, teenage, teenagers, teens, the color pink, thirteen, tickleing, tickling, tv, upir lichy, vampires, vampiresses, vodka, wings, wrestling, writing